A happy story of a man who was offered an opportunity

Duncan Sauls is 19 year old man who has a rare genetic disorder called the Shprintzen -Goldberg Syndrome.  (A disorder of unknown cause resulting in neuronal, cardiovascular and connective tissue abnormalities) He attended the Alta du Toit School in Cape Town since the age of 8 years but had to return home when he turned 18years.


Duncan is one of many youngsters who due to their disability find it difficult to find a job. However, he is one of the fortunate ones who were given the opportunity to be trained on site at Dutchies restaurant.  Duncan received a stipend during his training period of 6months and has now been offered a permanent position at Dutchies. He has grown in confidence, developed new skills and is very grateful for the opportunity being given to him. In addition, he has become more independent and has learned to travel on his own.

Duncan is now fully employed due to the insight and preparedness of one person to make a difference. His is a success story, but there are others like Duncan who would love the opportunity to be trained to work in the open labour market or in the hospitality sector.

Anyone who can offer such an opportunity to others like Duncan,  please contact Desiree, Social Worker, Overstrand Association for Persons with Disability  at 028 3152610

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