Overstrand Association for Persons with Disabilities promotes and protects the interests and well-being of persons with disabilities.

We further the development and empowerment of persons with disabilities and prevent the occurrence of disabling conditions. By doing this we will remove physical, legal and psycho-social barriers and foster non- disabled/disabled relationships to make it possible for persons with disabilities to live independently and to participate fully in their communities.



To create an enabling environment in which our services to persons with disabilities contribute to a caring society.


Overstrand Association for Persons with Disabilities opened their doors in January 2011. Service delivery was offered to persons with disability living in Zwelihle, Mount Pleasant and Hawston. The Municipality supported the much needed service to persons with disability. An office was offered by the Municipality at the Thusong centre in Hawston.Several organisations welcomed our organisation as a service provider focussing on special needs.

With the help of a dedicated and motivated board member structure all the legal structures link to good governance and meeting NPO (Non-ProfitOrganisation) requirements was put in place.

Success stories listed during this period include:

  • 60 clients registered within the first year of operation who needed social work services
  • Multi-disciplinary team who consisted of occupational ,speech and physio therapist assisted with assessment, referrals to special schools and assisting with wheelchairs based on clients’ needs
  • Adult literacy classes
  • Groups for children
  • Groups for parents
  • Referrals to the Overberg Wheelchair Association Protective Workshop

The organisation worked towards sustainability but realized that several organisations depend on the same funders and with the growing needs of our clients we had to focus on requesting assistance from outside our service delivery area. For this reason we are providing more information on the socio–economic profile of our service delivery area.

Identifying particulars

Overstrand Association for Persons with Disabilities

Western Cape Association for Persons with Disabilities

NPO NUMBER: 069/894
PBO NUMBER: 930040357

DISTRICT: Overberg

SUB DISTRICT: Overstrand

Zwelihle, Hawston and Mount Pleasant