Ø    To protect and promote the interest of all disabilities

Ø    To promote and/or support measures which will prevent or reduce the occurrence of disabling conditions and their effects

Ø    To promote, undertake and/or support such accessible and equitable community based medical, educational, vocational, social, recreational, rehabilitation and social services and facilities as may be required by persons with disabilities to achieve independence.

Ø    To promote and\or undertake activities which will improve the physical and social environment, including public facilities, and or to remove those person with physical disabilities into the community

Ø    To establish, maintain a social work service, special care centre and workshops for persons with disabilities and promote the  equitable distribution of these services
Ø    To educate and raise awareness amongst the general public and encourage a greater concern, understanding and awareness among the general public about disability

Ø    To network and form strategic partnerships with other role-players, co-operate and work in partnership with  other local welfare and other community based organisations in the planning of and maintaining projects which might benefit persons with disabilities

Ø    To ensure sound governance of the Association and its departments

Ø    To influence the decision of local authorities in planning the environment to the advantage of disabilities

Ø    To promote the availability of adequate skilled personnel, assistive devices and other such resources as are needed to achieve the above objects